About Us


We have build our reputation by sustainable by providing the best quality, product to our customers.

Our varied customer base includes hotels, chain store, restaurants, ingredient shop and convenient stores. 

We also services to wholesalers and retail customers. Hope you enjoy our products






  Tony Lim   

Production Director


Mr Tony Lim started F&B industry in July 2009, as a result of my friends 

telling me "you need to bottle your hot sauce." I have been perfecting my

recipe over the course of 10 years, and have made a numerous changes to get 

the flavour just right. Sambal sauce is very difficult to work in recipe, as it can

easily overwhelm the flavour, or dissapear all together. 


I finally developed a cooking process and ingredient list that pairs well with the subtleties of 

sambal sauce, and created a very uniqud hot sauce to represent our country goods, Malaysia. 

Sustainabilty was the key focus for me. My goal was to stay local and sustainable, so I 

worked with local food suppliers to find the right mix of ingredients to mix in my sauce.

I wanted to prove that greate products can always be made locally.










Alston Chan

Marketing Director


 My Biggest Recommendation is : Focus on your BRAND & personality. 

  There are so many ways to obtain great products these days , and any market you

  think of is not highly competitive. Our customers - YOUR customers. So you 

  need to focus on what makes your product stand out over competition. 

  Customers are showing that they genuinely care about who they are buying 

  their products from. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and share your story.

  However when you do it, do it with an identity that people will understand, 

  remember and cherish.









  Sasha Lim   

Social Media Director


Social media was key. The biggest "leap" in traffic for me came from 

  Facebook. I posted information about my company in facebook that fit my

  target demographic and responded to any questions people were asking. 

  Being very open, honest and responsive to questions & concerns ending up 

  earing a lot of trust from that community. However, we know that when we 

  spend the time and effort monetizing a channel, the best return for us is Facebook.