1. How is Sambal Sauce Made? 

Our secret recipe Sambal is a combination of chili paste or sauce that is usually made from varieties of chillies and mixed together with other ingredients such as onion, garlic, ginger, tamarind, soy sauce or shrimp paste.

2. Do you offer Hot Sauce in Bulk?
Yes we do. Please contact us with your requirement sales@sambalsauce.com or whatsapp at +6012-3245631 (Alston). We offer bulk packaging with competitive pricing.

3. Do you offer OEM/ Private labelling?
Yes. We offer OEM and Private label with certain volume and above. Please notify us at sales@sambalsauce.com or whatsapp at +6012-3245631 (Alston)

4. Could you send product sample?
Yes. We do provide sample subjective to location. We do provide International Courier of Sample with Term & Conditions. Our sample avalaible in 1.5kg packing. Please place your sample order via www.sambalsauce.com/products 

5. What is your MOQ?
Bulk packaging MOQ is 40pack (2.5kg/ pack) /one carton (Total 100kg).
Please contact us about your project & procurement as we can custom made your order at sales@sambalsauce.com or whatsapp at +6012-3245631 (Alston).

6. What is your lead time?
On average 3-10 working days, depending on your order quantity, our plants capacity utilization and shipping schedules.
We do not rush orders production because we want to ensure quality of products anticipate with clients requirement.